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Energy performance certificates (EPCs)

Energy Performance Certificate, commonly referred to as EPC, is a document stating the energy efficiency of a building and gives the owner/user a number of ways in which the efficiency can be improved. It rates the efficiency by a band A to G with A being the highest. Once an EPC has been lodged it is valid for 10 years, unless any significant changes have been made to a property which could change the rating given.

EPCIn Scotland, if you intend to let a property you must have a valid EPC available to anyone interested in renting your property. For advertising, the EPC must be accessible to any prospective tenant. The EPC document also forms part of the Tenant Information Pack which must be issued to a tenant before any tenancy commences.

Smart Move are committed to offer landlords a full range of services and have our own agents who are Elmhurst Accredited Domestic Energy Assessors to provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate for your property with fees starting from £65 + VAT.



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