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Thank you for your interest, we require some details to process your application for tenancy. Please complete the tenancy application below to get you started.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to confirm details and request any additional information we may require to help with your application.

We will require some documentation before proceeding with your tenancy; examples of what we need are listed below:


Valid photographic identification (example Passport)

Proof of current address (example Utility Bill)

Proof of Employment if applicable (example Wage Slip)

Proof of Benefit Entitlement if applicable (example Award letter)


In some circumstances, the landlord may ask for a Guarantor to co-sign with the tenant. The guarantor would be the person held liable for any unpaid rent and any cost to repair damages during or after a tenancy. To qualify to act as guarantor for a tenant, the person must be a homeowner in Scotland and in full-time employment. For full conditions please ask a member of our team.

Request More Details

A Member of the Smart Move team will be in touch shortly to help you with any requirements